The director of the Journal is Dr. Mahtab Noori and the previous editors-in-chief were Dr. Mohsen  Shirazi (2006-2012), Iran and Dr. Allahyar Geramy(2012-2020) , and presently it is Dr. Arezoo Jahanbin (2020-now).

Publication Committee:

The purpose of the Committee is to define, manage and monitor the publications in the Iranian Journal of Orthodontics to provide high-quality publications based on the needs of the members.

The Committee will actively monitor the activities of authors and reviewers and formulate strategies for editorial functions, production, promotion and advertising, and explore opportunities to optimize editorial activities. It also operates within the budget and policies established by the board of directors.

  • Committee members serve staggered three-year terms, with three members appointed each year.
  • The editor-in-chief is appointed for four years and his/her total term may be exceeded. The editor should have committee experience.
  • The composition of the Journal’s publication board should reflect the diversity of the organization and discipline within each Journal and should include all related fields of orthodontics. Committee members are selected by the editor-in-chief.