Description of the activities of the Scientific-Research Committee

1- Establishing conferences, scientific national-international congresses and retraining seminars for dentists and orthodontists, and specialized workshops for orthodontists

2- Providing research conditions and empowering orthodontist colleagues in research

3- Implementation of short-term approved courses

4- Conducting workshops for specialists on legal issues related to orthodontics

5- Determining and compiling the standards of ethical codes of orthodontics

Trade union-legal committee activities

1- Active communication with the medical system of Tehran and other cities regarding dispute resolution committees and primary boards as well as forensic medicine

2- Active communication with the Finance Committee as well as the Tax Office

3- Pursuing the issues of profit-making activities of orthodontists across the country in the field of orthodontic services

4- Pursuing the prevention of unlicensed education at national level

5- Pursuing the supply of basic consumables for orthodontic offices

6- Addressing the problems of the union members using discussion sessions with new colleagues, veterans and residents on a seasonal basis

7- Determining the limits of activities and boundaries of general dentists in specialized orthodontic treatments

8- Examining the points needed to complete the Medical Ethics Charter

International Public Relations Committee

1- Preparation of a newsletter (electronic and printed)

2- Site of the Association

3- Pursuing interaction with other related associations and organizations inside the country

4- Communication with regional and international associations and organizations

5- Establishing complete communication with members using text messages and email

6- Coordinating and following up the issuing of membership cards

7- Communication with national media, newspapers, and press

Finance and Support Committee

1- Maintaining and organizing the financial accounts of the Association and its annual balance

2- Providing the facilities and financial resources required by the Association to perform its duties in the relevant departments and committees

3- Preservation and maintenance of the property and assets of the Association

4- Financial and logistical support of all scientific programs and congresses

5- Proposing the annual membership fee to the Board of Directors

6- Attracting financial aid and donations